PACK & CARRY is committed to protectiong the environment

logovert Our  departments look for constantly solutions and strategy of transport to reduce the rejections of CO2 and protect the environment.

Solutions of bulkings, eco-responsible vehicles, eco-conduct(eco-driving)…


 MEDAILLE We set up a quality charter to bring you the best department. All our staff is made sensitive in the customer satisfaction.

Our customer service and our administrative collaborators welcome you in a friendly way and bring you fast and effective answers.

Our train crew is cordial and pleasant, he protects your goods and gets involved in the quality of the department.

Our logistic agents master your procedures of preparations, and check all your orders to assure you a department in the respect for the prescriptions and negotiated deadlines.

Our warehouses of storage are equipped to protect your products in the best conditions, the video surveillance, the alarm, the air conditioning, the procedures of security.


eplateformesmall Our tools computing owner, allows you to visualize all the elements relative to your logistic operations

Display of your real time stock,

Seized of your demands of preparations of orders,

Followed by the various stages of the preparations,

Follow-up of the expeditions.