PACK & CARRY, It is professionals’ team in the service of your logistics. His managers, Sylvie RAUZY CONVERSY and Didier CONVERSY, attempt to imagine innovative solutions of transport, in the environmental protection and the satisfaction of their customers. Registered on the registers of the carriers and the forwarders, our company is also entrepositaire registered with customs. Created in 2000, our businesses knew diverse transfers  to propose you logistic performances and transport today personalized.

Our strategy : “le transport autrement”.

In all our choices of places, vehicles and vehicle routings and schedulings we try to take into account simultaneously the social equity, the economic efficiency and the environmental quality and so to contribute to an eco-responsible initiative.

Our priority: the customer satisfaction.

The ” voice of the customer “, a valuable source. Our teams are for your listening and establish relations privileged persons with his customers, closeness, availability, reactivity.

Our expertise

PACK & CARRY it is a unique e-platform, every parcel is analyzed to guarantee you the best deadlines, the best price list. Find in your free space, all your logistic activity PACK & CARRY.